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 Horsin around
Yeeee----Hawwwwww for horse doin's
A pack horse helps to cut down on the load your ridin horse has to carry.  Here we are showing some of the boys how to tie the diamond hitch to secure the load.
Chas and Mary Kay looking for a way through the beaver dams
Pickin the way
Stargazer riding through a Camas Field
Blue and Gabe comin out of the high country
Blue & sage
Stargazer and me takin in the view from off the ridge on a four day ride. Note no bed rolls behind the saddles we have learn to put it all under the saddle. you will see from some of our earlier rides we did not all ways do this. It makes it easier to get on and off the horse and it is better for the hores not to have a big bed roll on it's kidneys.
on the ridge
water crossin at the head waters of the Gros Venture River
water crossin
Stargazer with the Wind River Mountains in the back ground.
Jill & winds
Gabe in the Book Cliff's Country
Jims Ponies
Justin comin out of the timber
Justin 1
Yaro on the Henry's Fork of the Snake
Yaro falls
Mike Powell with the Wind's in the back ground
Rick Palmer and his pony ready for the trail.
Rick's Trail
Saddled up and ready to ride Wynn, Justin,  Allen, Ken and Crazy
seting out
Lookin down in to Pierre's Hole
Travelin the high country
Yaro, Jill and Mike waterin the ponies.
Waterin up
Headin for Fort Hall. Brad, Lewie, Bill and Rick
Forty Hall
Varmit checking for beaver sign
 beaver sign
Russ watchin his back trail
back trail

Headin for The Tetons
Rick above the timber line in the Tetons
Nooning up on top of the world
Jill, Allen and Crazy at the 1810 Camp Henry Site
Camp Henry
Bob and his pack string
Lewie, Crazy and Varmit's best side
 Varmit's best side
Stargazer headin for Rendezvous
headin for
which ways camp?
which way
Tanglefoot leads out
Wynn and his girl friend on top of the world
Marsh Creek, Jill, Allen and Mike
15 riders and 19 head of stock riding the Tetons
Jean & her  pack horse and Creed in the back ground
Horses picketed on good grass
good grass
Time for us to eat, nothin finer after a day on the trail!
nothin finer
Then it's off to bed a blanket wrapped in oil cloth with your horse's sweat blanket & epishamore for a pad to sleep on & your saddle for a pillow. Maybe a rope tied around the bottom to keep ya from kicking out. The oil cloth that can be used for a rain slicker & a light set of balanced saddle bags and maybe my coat is all that goes behind my saddle any more.