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    Aux Aliment Du Pays (to live off the land) is the motto of the American Mountain Men which started out as and still is a survivalist group of men bonded in brotherhood in the pursuit of learning the arts and skills of the original mountain men who were true survivalists, or they were just gone beaver! After learning these skills it is our goal to teach and share these skills with others.  In the pursuit of this we get out on the ground to test and fine tune these skills. That is what our requirements are all about. They are not something done once then forgotten about but should be done over and over again until they become an art that members can teach to others. You've got to walk the walk to talk the talk. Of all our  requirements, I think the three day Aux Aliments Du pays (to live off the land) is the one of the most important if we are truly survivalists. Granted, it takes strong will and fortitude to face three days without food and your belly growling and a rubbin on your backbone. But that's not living off the land, that's dyin on the land in my book. Oh, granted, the original mountain men went through starvin times but that's not what Aux Aliment Du Pays is all about. Its about learning to live off what Mother Nature can provide.

       Rick Palmer makin meet on the trail                                              Rick's Birds

All we have got to do is learn the how, when, and where's of it before tryin to go out and do it.
First off, one thing we face that our 18th and 19th century counter part did not face are Fish and game laws. This makes it harder on us but it is something we must all follow and obey in this modern world we live in. So check the fish and game laws in your state for what is and is not protected and what are their bag limits and seasons and legal manner of take. After checking you may be surprised what animals are actually protected. I can not stress this strongly enough,  for you do not just face getting ticketed from fish and game. For if your a member the of the American Mountain Men standing rules article one states: The fish and game laws of all States, territories and regions shall be respected at all times. Violations of those laws may be consideration for dismissal.    I say lets take care of our natural resources we have left, plants and animals. Let's use them but don't abuse them like was done in our past by our for fathers. This is where I draw the line when it comes to authenticity of doing things pre 1840 style.
JAne & Birds                                                                
Two of the four Grouse I fed myself, on my five day Aux Aliment Do Pays.
That was filled in nicely with cattail root, service berries, choke cherries
that was mixed up in to a berry stew. With horse mint and rose hip tea.
With a few treats of thimble berries and left over huckleberries and what not.
I kinda grazed as I hunted.

              The  How, When and Where's of it!                         

You don't want to run off in to the woods for three days with all your eggs in one basket. You will be setting your self up for lot of belly growling. What I mean by this is you don't want to think of only one food source, for every food source you can add to the list the better you'll eat. The more givens you have on this list makes it all the better. A given is some thing you know is there and is not going anywhere. The only given you can be sure of are edible plants. Most plants are like game animals in that they have a season when they can be harvested. So they should be the one thing that determines the when. You want to pick a time when the most edible plants are available in your area.
I will not try to list all the edible plants here for that is a book in it self. The list can change from state to state and will change again in the many different environments that are found in any one given state or Region.

Mary & Jill
Jill & Mary Kay  and the Camas for dinner," Not the dog! " for the camp  AMM Nationals 2001

Here are few Ideas how you can learn some of these plants in your area. First find a good book on edible plants for your area make sure you read about the plant don't just look at the pictures. Some bad mistakes have been made by doing so. Better yet, is to get someone who is already familiar with edibles in your area to show you. Go out as party and identify these plants and share your knowledge with one another. Make sure you have made positive identification of these plants before eating any of them .  For some edible plants have poisonous lookalikes. After learning how to identify some of the edible plants go out and give it a try as a group or by your self for a day or weekend. Our party has a camp once a year we call the feast or famine camp. Where we go out and live off the land for a weekend to learn from one an other and to build up confidence in our ability to feed our selves off the land. We have not gone hungry  at any of these camps "yet."
 Again don't over use any one spot, never take more then one third of any plants in a give area. So they can renew themselves and be there for years to come.
That said ----------

      " Come and get it!"
Come and get it
Camas fresh out the pit
    The where of it takes some scouting. Find an area that has a good supply of plants, berries for the given and with some game animals that are legal to hunt or trap, maybe has a place where you can fish.
 Most Native Americans were nomadic hunter gathers. They moved around to gather the plants and animals as they came in to season in different areas. Contrary to popular belief the largest part of their diet was made up of plants.  
What did they gather in your area and where and when did they gather it? Answer these questions and you'll be well on your way.
Make sure your gun shoots center, that your makin good sets on your traps and that your fishin rig is tested and true.
If you follow my advice and the ways of the Native Americans there is no need to go hungry on your Aux Aliment Du Pays. If you have already done one why not try it again by your self or as a group and see if you can improve on your skills. For the more edible plants you know the better you'll eat while on the trail.
 To Live From the Land                           
                                                         See ya on the trail of food
                                                                  Crazy Cyot
Camas Blooms June to first of July                AMM #1741