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Crazy Cyot, Story Teller of the Fur Trade.
     Do you want to bring the history of the opening of the West alive for your class, school or Group in only the way a true story teller can do?    Tales of the Core of Discovery  (Lewis & Clark), Hunt and the Astorians, Men like John Colter, Hugh Glass, Osborn Russell, Jededia Smith, Jim Bridger, Joe Meek and the rest are brought to life  in a manner that will entertain as well as educate all ages!
   These program includes all clothing, equipment, skills and way of life of the mountain men and  plains or plateau Indians of the fur trade period. It includes hands on demonstrations for classroom size groups. Being able to actually see and touch this part of American history makes it all come alive! A program can also be custom tailored to fit your curriculum or points of interest. All Guns are made none functional to comply with federale Laws, Knives and edged articles can be left out if need be.
     A one hour assembly type  program for large groups or I can do  smaller groups having hands on type demonstrations that last  2 1/2 hours.        
    An all day program with tipi or trappers camp can be done with small groups being brought out throughout the day . For this we will need an area the size of an auditorium or outside, weather permitting. Head room needed for the tipi is at least 18 feet.
Price brakes are available with early bookings and with set up of other demonstrations at other schools in your area.
         This program has come about after 30 years of research into the fur trade era and after 2 years of living in a tipi in Southeast Idaho. This  research has been fine tuned by experiential ethnology, as every year  I spend time living just as the original mountaineers did in the 1800's. I have done years of public speaking in classrooms from elementary to college levels, museums, scouting groups, I have also worked with educational TV, and motion picture industries as a consultant and extra. Contact me for prices of these programs.

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At your service
Roy Hansen better known as Crazy Cyot