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Winter Camps
Nothing like a deep winter camp to test your gear and winter survival skills. It will also give ya a taste of what it was like to live year around out with Nature as they did.

Allen the last horse camp of year Elk hunt

Elk camp Jill says where's the Coffee?

Huckleberry Hot Springs 3 miles in, Snow 4 to 5 feet deep

some of the crew that snowshoed in- Dean, Crazy, Jill, Jim and Allen

Crazy pullin in

Comin out of the Ho Back with the snow coming down sideways

Sometimes the snow doesn't set up and ya got to keep your snow shoes on all night.

headin in to camp two miles in, in  the middle of the night

winter camp with the Wyoming  Boys

Ken pulling camp in Snake River bottoms

Trappin camp in Utah Bill, Mike, Dave and TJ makin camp

Trappers camp all set up

Cookin Dinner in five feet of snow at 10 above

and fire pit gets deeper and deeper don't let the pot spill, Jill

After one night sometimes the fire pit can get a little deep and it can make it hard to cook breakfast in the morning. Where's the cooking pot, Ya got the fire started yet Jill?

out on a walk about

Winter camp on Emigration Summit  ya can see how deep the snow is. I dug the fire pit the first and last  time I will do that. To much work and I broke a sweat, bad news for winter doins, I got the chills bad .

Dean down for the night
There is something about a winter landscape

Last night it was 18 below at this camp. It's warmed up all the way to 0 today

Winter camping at it's finest don't ya think